Food Photography

Similar to Product Photography is the skill of Food Photography. Being able to manipulate and shoot flattering angles of food is a great talent that can help others with their businesses. One thing I really like about Food Photography is that it is very similar to Macro photography in that you can get really close up to the subject and make it look real life almost. It is even more enhanced when using a ring light! I look forward to doing more Food Photography. Check out my Jackson Hole Lift Restaurant photos to see more Food Photography!





HDR photos are created with multiple images of the same subject all at different exposures. I used the program PhotMatix to create these images. HDR is a great thing when you are wanting to bring out the different density and colors that you just can’t get with a normal one exposure shot.


RachelFischer-Pasta-HDR copy

RachelFischer-CoveredCheeseBalls-FoodPhotography copy

I was very excited to work with the lovely and talented Jordan for the day on this food photography shoot. You should go check out her work at

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  1. Rachel these look so good! Your HDR images look so good, too! I really liked the hot chocolate and piece of pie. It really makes me want some! The flying salad looks so awesome. Great job!!

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