Outdoor Light Painting

During my photo excursion to Victor, Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming I was able to play around with light painting. Light painting is the process of  using a long exposure while using an external light to “paint” the scene that you want to appear in the image. The results are very dramatic and show how truly important light really is to a composition. By being able to control the light source enhances your ability to create new and unique images.

All photos were taken using a tripod to steady the camera during exposure while using a flashlight to create highlights. Minimal edits were done in Adobe Photoshop to either remove small light trail and enhance color.

Canon T3I, F13, 30 seconds, ISO 200
CanonT3I, F9, Shutter: 20, ISO 200
Two blended photos of one with the cabin and the others on the trees.
CanonT3I, F8, Shutter: 30, ISO 100

If you like this, you should check out Haley Reese’s and Rachael Constance’s site to see some amazing light paintings as well!

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