Photo Display

Something really great that I get to do today is to have two of my photos displayed in the Spori Building on BYU-Idaho campus. I chose to do two 16×24 prints of two of my favorite photos that I have taken this semester. I chose to do macro shots because I love seeing the close up detail that normally gets overlooked. These two photos have minimal edits. The only thing that was done was bumping up the color a bit, cropping and touching up the background for more contrast. I am really excited to display my work!


RachelFischer-Mosquito-Original  RachelFischer-Mosquito

A Rose by any other name…

RachelFischer-Rose-Original  RachelFischer-RedRose

So here are some quick photos of what they actually look like framed! I am so excited to be able to display my work and to continue to develop my love of photography.