Video Podcast – A work in progress

Here is what I have so far for my video podcast project. It is still a little rough and I need to add some more things, pick music and have it a bit cleaner. But this is what I have so far. My concept is to find joy in the journey even when it seems as though life is hard. The red circles are blessings and when I find one I realize that I have so many more and I then obtain a collection or recognition. Once I recognize my blessings I can share happiness with others.

One thought on “Video Podcast – A work in progress

  1. Great idea Rachel! You spread those red circle blessings! One thing that I would suggest is making it clear in the video what the circles are. Also, I know this is just a rough draft so just reminding that you need a title and ending slide. Your video is going to be great! It made me smile while watching it! Now I’ve got my own little red circle!

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