Women’s Fashion – Erin

Have you ever met an unbelievably elegant lady? Well I can tell you that I have. Meet Ms. Erin. I was able to have the great opportunity to shoot this classy lady on my trip to Salt Lake. She spent a time in England and acquired a beautiful hat for Ascot so it was the perfect prop for our classy fashion photo shoot. This was a great opportunity to shoot more fashion photography and to meet a really great lady!

Like I said in my recent fashion post, lighting is very important when shooting portraits. For a few of my shots I used a reflector to create more front lighting and to add a subtle glow. It’s amazing what shots will come out when you are using all the different tools correctly and are just having fun shooting in a whole new style. I look forward to shooting more fashion photography and working with great people like Erin!











One thought on “Women’s Fashion – Erin

  1. These look very nice! This was such a fun photoshoot and you captured that feeling. Great job Rachel, they all look like they could be in a magazine!

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