Women’s Fashion – Hailey

During my trip to Salt Lake I was able to shoot more fashion photography. I would like to introduce to you to the delightful, adorable and spunky Hailey. I have known Hailey for quite some time now so this was a really fun photo shoot. We shot the majority of the time at Gardner Village. During the month of October they create a Halloween themed village so there were some great little spots that we got to shoot at. If anyone is in that area of Salt Lake I highly recommend that you take your family there for a fun outing before Halloween is over. This was a great fall fashion photo shoot and it was a pleasure to work with Hailey.









I was able to shoot the lovely Janna at this time as well so I got some great shots of her and Hailey being new friends. It was such a pleasure to work with these ladies and I enjoyed the fun fall atmosphere I was able to capture in these shots.


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